Waste Management

Enchanted Oaks provides a central dump site for household garbage only.


Keys are available for purchase at the Town Hall.  Misuse results in fines and privilege revocation.  Please be smart & conserve dumpster space during busy periods - this is a shared space and will be closed for use when full.      


Henderson County Precinct 2 refuse site accepts other items for a reasonable fee.  This is located about 2 miles south of Eustace on highway 175.


Recycling is available at other Henderson County sites.  Check the Henderson County web site for more information.

Water & Sewer

East Cedar Creek Fresh Water Supply District at 903-887-7103.

 * Most homes have a septic/sewer pump.  If the pump fails, waste water can back up into your home.  Contact ECCFWSD if your pump fails.  Also be aware that pumps are not operational during power outages. *  

2023 Annual Drinking Quality Reports  here



Provided by Oncor at 888-313-4747. 

Phone, Cable, Internet

Centurylink at 800-788-3500  

Optimum at 844-874-7558


There is no natural gas service.  Propane is allowed by permit only, with restrictions