Budget & Tax Informational Documents:   General notes & City Administrator job description here.    List of current town positions here.  Budget breakdown here.   

July Budget Workshop July 16th 6pm, followed by Council Meeting at about 7 pm.  Agendas here Starting point budget here

Council Meetings:  second Tuesday of each month, 7 p.m.  Town Hall

    *emergency sirens tested prior to each meeting 

    * new (March 2024) - Draft Council minutes will be available online the week          following council meeting, but are subject to change pending approval at next council meeting.    

Truth in Taxation site is here.  

Join the team - One council seat is available now.  Learn more here.  

Filing Dates and Times for place on ballot. Click here

Topics for future council meetings:  Potential changes to ordinances governing:  chickens, mowing.

Changes to Fence Ordinance:  Last council consensus was to retain 4' height limits and to prohibit front yard fences.  Ordinance changes are pending vote at future council meeting.  


Fiber Optics - Three providers have offered to provide Fiber Optic internet throughout town.  See Council meeting minutes for more information.   May 2024.    

Waste Management site move - Project costs were reestimated at $230,000 based on updated specifications.  Council opted to NOT proceed with the site move at this price.  About $30,000 of included drainage work adjacent to the project will be completed as part of regular road work.  New options to improve/expand the existing Waste site will be estimated & considered.  Use of county services to reduce costs is being explored.   May 2024.  

Traffic Calming - Currently underway with citations & warnings being issued.  Note that this does NOT generate revenue for the city.  Most signage has been installed.  Stop bars were painted at 4 way stop.  Rumble strips are not planned.  A radar speed sign is planned.  July 2024.   

Completed road work:  Striping of entry curve & drive; painting parking lot at Town Hall.  June 2024.   Drainage work near Police Station; Repairs & Chip Seal sections May 2024.  Culvert at Idlewood & Havenwood Drive, Culvert at Indian Harbor Drive, Cedarwood widened, patching & repairs throughout.  2024. 

Dog Club - A privately managed and funded park has been established.  City has agreed to donate $1,800 toward a shade pergola.  Feb 2024.     

Solar - Neither a town microgrid or city site solar is being considered at this time. Jan,  2024.    




Call 9-1-1 for emergencies.  Identify yourself as a resident of Enchanted Oaks.
        For non urgent police matters, call the Sheriff's office at 903-675-5128. 
Town Hall, 111 Deerwood Drive
generally open Monday - Thursday 9 am to 1 pm.  
       *office closed for holidays, vacations, etc.  Call ahead as needed, 903.451.2222