Council Meetings:  second Tuesday of each month, 7 p.m.  Town Hall

    *emergency sirens tested prior to each meeting 

note:  Truth in Taxation site is here.  

Join the team - One council seat is available now.  Learn more here.  

Pool - expected to open Memorial Day weekend.  Pool cover removal scheduled for  Monday May 6th at 1 pm - volunteers welcome.  Stay tuned for key sales in May. 

Independence Day Parade - Saturday July 6th.

Fireworks allowed during these times unless a county Burn Ban is in effect: 

     Memorial Day:  May 25th – 26th noon to midnight; May 27th  noon to 6 pm.

     Independence Day:  July 3 – 6th, noon to Midnight

Topics for future council meetings:  Potential changes to ordinances governing:  chickens, mowing.

Changes to Fence Ordinance:  Discussed at November Council meeting.  No changes were made to current ordinance.   Anticipate consideration of new ordinance at May council meeting. 


Fiber Optics - Two providers have offered to provide Fiber Optic internet throughout town.  A survey will be sent in the next few weeks to help determine household interest in the service.  April 2024.    

Waste Management site move - Project costs were reestimated at $230,000 based on updated specifications.  Council opted to NOT proceed with the site move.  About $30,000 of included drainage work adjacent to the project will be completed as part of regular road work.  New options to improve/expand the existing Waste site will be estimated & considered.  February 28, 2024.  

Traffic Calming - Currently underway with citations & warnings being issued.  Note that this does NOT generate revenue for the city.  Related signage has been selected & ordered, with install expected April-May 2024. 

Pool - Repairs related to freeze and power outage have been completed February 2024.  

Completed road work:  Culvert at Idlewood & Havenwood Drive, Culvert at Indian Harbor Drive, Cedarwood widened, patching & repairs throughout.  2024. 

Dog Club - A privately managed and funded park has been established.  City has agreed to donate $1,800 toward a shade pergola.  Feb 2024.     

Solar - Neither a town microgrid or city site solar is being considered at this time. Jan 2024.    




Call 9-1-1 for emergencies.  Identify yourself as a resident of Enchanted Oaks.
        For non urgent police matters, call the Sheriff's office at 903-675-5128. 
Town Hall, 111 Deerwood Dr Enchanted Oaks, 75156
generally open Monday - Thursday 9 am to 1 pm.  
       *office closed for holidays, vacations, etc.  Call ahead as needed, 903.451.2222