2024 Pool Keys

  • Pool Keys go on sale Monday, May 6th.  during regular office hours.  
  • One Key per Household.  $100.    
  • Keys may be purchased in the office with cash or check ONLY
  • Keys may be purchased online with a credit card & picked up at the office.   
    • To confirm eligibility, please include your Enchanted Oaks street address in the shipping section.  Keys are NOT shipped.  
    • Allow 2 business days for processing before picking up your key. 
    • To arrange alternative pickup by friend/neighhbor, please add a "Note to Seller" with information.   
    • New this year...  a limited number lockboxes are available for key pickup.  Use "Note to Seller" to arrange this option.   
  • Credit Cards will NOT be accepted in the office.  

Pool is for use by keyholders and their household guests only. 

Children under twelve years of age must be accompanied by an adult. 

Ordinance # 235 at www.enchantedoaks.org governs pool use.

Key purchase/pickup will also be available Saturday May 18, 10 am to noon.  


* Replacement Keys are $200, so hang on to your keys.